USAG Competitive Gymnastics Overview Artistic Sports Academy Plus offers boys and girls competitive gymnastics.  Using USA Gymnastics guidelines, ASAP creates local, state, regional and national opportunities for our gymnasts.  Our philosophy is to create a positive atmosphere for gymnasts to attain their fullest gymnastics potential and compete at the highest level of their natural ability.  Our qualified staff strives to assist each child in developing inner qualities of courage, commitment and confidence allowing them to lead a healthy lifestyle inside and outside of the gym.   Children are selected for team by using the USA Gymnastics guidelines and based on instructor recommendation.  USAG levels are well defined and competition begins at level 4 for both boys and girls.  Girls Compulsory Gymnastics (Levels 3, 4, 5) Training consists of 8-12 hours of conditioning, dance, skill and routine development.  These levels compete the USAG compulsory routines through invitational meets.  Skill work and strength training are emphasized to improve body positioning and to advance their gymnastics careers. Girls Optional Gymnastics (Levels 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) Training at this level consists of 12.5-17.5 hours per week of conditioning, dance, skill and routine       development. The gymnasts compete in invitational meets throughout the season followed by sectional, state, regional, and national competitions as appropriate to their level. Boys Competitive Gymnastics (Levels 4-10) The competitive boys team at Artistic Sports Academy Plus competes levels 4-10.  Boys compete on the Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Parallel Bars, High Bar, Vault and Rings. The boys compete in invitational meets throughout PA during the season followed by sectional, state, regional and national competitions as appropriate to their level. Pre Team This training program is designed for children who are working on level 3 skills (level 4 boys) and toward becoming competitive gymnasts.  There is no competition at this level. Basic skill work, conditioning and flexibility are stressed at this level to ensure an easy transition to competitive gymnastics.  Boys pre team practice 2-4 hours per week, girls pre team practice 3-4 hours per week.  This class is by invitation only. Training on the pre team is on a trial basis and does not guarantee a place on the team.   COMPETITIVE GYMNASTICS ASAP is also the host of all your favorite gymnastics meets! November 2-3 - Halloween Scrimmage (Boys) 2013 Information 2013 Entry Form 22-23 - Cornucopia Classic (Girls) 2014 Results 2013 Results 24 - Level 7 Qualifier (Girls) 2013 Information January 11-12 - PA State Challenge (Boys) 2014 Registration Information 2014 Results April April Fools Invite (Girls) 2014 Information 2014 Results